In 1984, 38 students from the Engineering Concepts Institute decided it was time to form a new type of co-ed organization called Epsilon Gamma Iota. They would later be known as the 38 Minds of Success. These are our founders…

“38 Minds of Success” (Fall 1984)

  1. Jocelyn “Smiley” Atkins
  2. Cherlyn “Tin Roof” Tignor
  3. Alma “Hyper” Webber
  4. Zelia “Precious” Wiley
  5. Shondra “Red Ice” Martin
  6. Chris “Cheech” Hunter
  7. Lisa “Polo Kid” Sidney
  8. Lauri “Sweet Pea” Perrodin
  9. Walter “Baghead” Sheffield
  10. Tony “Snickers” Boyd
  11. Oscar “Expert” Davis
  12. Gloria “Loveable” Goode
  13. Kendrick “Inspector Gadget” Curry
  14. Jeff “Super Cool” Harris
  15. Eric “Low Key” Renfro
  16. Aaron “Senator” Gray
  17. Roger “Newton” Kellum
  18. Clarence “Black Knight” Banks
  19. Ossie “Mistress” Riley
  20. Ocleris “Not To Hard” Simpson
  21. Cleotha “Father Time” Gooden
  22. Mark “Chilly Mack” Crossland
  23. Darryl “Stormy” Pennywell
  24. Jay C. “Solid” Hartman
  25. Tim “Zeek” Harrison
  26. Billy “Gremlin” Foster
  27. Kevin “Sugar” Hill
  28. Kevin “Dark Dream” Valentine
  29. Arthur “King Author” Elgin
  30. Catherine “Devious” Stokes
  31. Zena “Eyes” Williams
  32. Kerry “Reverend” Carroll
  33. Cheryl “Petite” Dorian
  34. Risha “Ebony Eyes” Reed
  35. Errol “Sip” Sypion
  36. Richard “Richie Rich” Le Van
  37. Rolunda “Hot Chocolate “McDaniel
  38. Willard “Ice Cold” Mangum

Epsilon Gamma Iota founders in 1985