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If you have not yet registered for the 2016 National Convention, there is one last opportunity to get the Early Bird rate!  The National Advisory Board will post 2 trivia questions each weekday until June 8th.  The first 3 correct answers for each question will receive a coupon code to get the reduced registration rate.  I hope you know your Epsilon History and/or are familiar with our national website! Good luck!

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Previous Questions and Answers

  1. How many chapters do we have? Answer: 8
  2. In Epsilon years…who is the oldest member on the current NAB? Answer: Miles ‘Butch’ Carter
  3. Who were the past 3 national directors? Answer: Marcus Golden, Julius Hudson, (Faye Moore or Tyrone Odister)
  4. When are national dues due and on what frequency? Answer: Annual dues are due on the last Monday in September
  5. Who was the first national director and how many terms did they serve? Answer: Nathaniel jones, 2
  6. What does “ECI” stand for? Answer: Engineering Concepts Institute
  7. What year was beta chapter rechartered and who rechartered it? Answer: 2013 Brandon Mosely and Briantoine Westmoreland with Leslie Parker
  8. What is the date and time of the Pool Social at convention? Answer: Thursday 6/23 @ 6 PM